Women's Accessories

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The collection of women’s accessories by The Kooples includes belts, scarves, hats and jewellery designed to bring a delicate, feminine touch to the sharpest looks. With its extremely high standards for manufacturing, the brand designs precious and timeless models, year after year.


The Kooples reinvents women’s accessories


The silk scarf by The Kooples has become an essential item to accentuate the female form. The brand puts a new twist on this wardrobe classic with exclusive prints and the most delicate silk. Thanks to its generous length, the women’s scarf by The Kooples can be wrapped around your body or tied around your neck, to add a truly chic edge to your look.

Woven and embellished with metallic details, the leather belt by The Kooples fully embodies the brand’s identity. This women’s accessory brings a touch of rock or bohemian style to your boldest looks.


What looks work best with The Kooples accessories?


To enhance your business looks, try a printed silk scarf worn on top of a camisole and suit jacket. To add a touch of rock style to your well-behaved formal looks, try a piece of metal jewellery from the collection, such as a plastron necklace or chain necklace.
For added elegance, opt for a women’s hat from the collection, available in felt or straw depending on the season. This women’s accessory matches perfectly with a plain-colour or printed, floaty silk dress and leather ankle boots or derbies. Finally, to bring in a dress at the waist, or enhance your T-shirt and jeans, wear a leather belt decorated with rivets, studs or rhinestones around your waistline, to give your style a quirky, chic touch.