Caring for The Kooples clothes and accessories 

The Kooples is proud to offer high quality clothing and accessories that will last you for years to come. To help you care for your favourite pieces, The Kooples has created this guide with tips on how to keep your clothes looking as good as new.

Our different materials have been selected by our style team for their quality and their ability to last from season to season. Find out all our tips for preserving your leather, bag or dress over time.


Leather care

Leather is a living material that tends to dry out and develop a patina over time. It wrinkles in places and smoothes out in others, giving it a unique vintage look.

Tips for looking after your leather items

Twice a year, we recommend applying a neutral nourishing cream with a soft cloth to embellish the leather and restore its original shine. Then polish with a dry cloth.


Knitwear care

Merino, cashmere, mohair or alpaca... Our woollens love water! We recommend that you wash them regularly by hand and cold.

Tips for caring for your knitwear

To preserve their appearance, use a special wool detergent and avoid adding fabric softener, which can deform the fibres. Rinse gently, without ever wringing your wool, and dry flat on a clean cloth.


Caring for silk and viscose

Satin, muslin, crepe de Chine... Silk and viscose should be washed inside out, by hand and cold. Leave to soak for no more than 5 minutes to prevent the fibres from stretching.

Tips for caring for silk and viscose

Dry on a hanger. When ironing, iron silk inside out, preferably while the garment is still damp, and at a low temperature to avoid damaging the delicate fibres.


Caring for your bags

Once a year, apply a nourishing cream to your bag to embellish the leather and restore its original shine.


Tips for caring for your bags 

Crocodile, python and snake-effect leathers have not been water-repellent treated. It is therefore advisable to waterproof them while protecting the metalwork to prevent it galvanising.


Denim care

To preserve the fabric quality of your denim pieces, we recommend washing them at 30° in the washing machine.

Tips for caring for your denim

For best results, use a liquid detergent rather than a powder. Above all, wash denim inside out and don't overload your machine to avoid white marks.


Cotton care

Piqué, poplin, yarn to yarn, jersey, Oxford or Chambray, cotton is soft, absorbent, insulating and above all, it can be machine washed at 30°C.

Tips for looking after your cotton garments

Make sure you pay particular attention to contrasting colours, given the potential risk of dye transfer, which could alter the appearance of your garments.


Care for synthetics

Polyester can be machine-washed at 30°C, preferably inside out and in a washing net. For any special features (burnt velvet, metallic or lace inserts), follow the instructions on the label.

Tips for caring for your synthetic garments

Iron at a low temperature, taking care to cover the garment with a cloth to prevent the iron from coming into direct contact with the fabric.


Caring for your shoes

Like our ready-to-wear items, leather boots and shoes develop a natural patina over time, adding a touch of authenticity to their appearance.

Tips for caring for your shoes

For suede shoes, we recommend regular care with a suitable brush after waterproofing.

To prevent the soles from wearing out, resole them quickly.

Coats & suits

Coat and suit care

Dry cleaning is best for all suit jackets and trousers, as well as for faux furs, coats and parkas.

Tips for caring for your coats and suits

Dry cleaning is not recommended for pieces with glued studs, as solvents can melt the glue. In this case, follow the instructions on the label inside the garment.