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The Kooples creates women’s fashion items with timeless rock style. Since the very beginning, the ready-to-wear clothing brand has paid close attention to the making of its collections. Each season, The Kooples women’s clothing continues to evolve with current movements and trends, all while maintaining a unique style. 


The timeless rock style of The Kooples women’s clothing


The Kooples women’s fashion creations elegantly suit different figures and help enhance your look. The suit, an essential collection item for the brand, embodies chic business style. Made with the highest quality wools, the women’s suit stands out from the pack with a comfortable feel and impeccable fit. The suit is carefully tailored and the perfect choice for daily wear with a silk shirt. Leather heels with trendy lines provide the perfect finishing touch for a more sophisticated silhouette.


A whole range of items are available for more laid back, casual looks. For customers of The Kooples, the leather biker jacket is one of the most popular women’s garments. This legendary item goes through a cycle of reinvention every season—maintaining its timeless look all the while. The biker jacket is available in elegant smooth or suede leathers with the modern colours and finely-crafted finishes that have marked its success.


Women’s fashion at The Kooples draws inspiration from the world of sport, continuing to reinvent classic items to be worn on a daily basis. Jogging trousers are made with smooth, soft cotton fleece and can be worn with items from the women’s sportswear collection for a chic, casual look.