Rock style from The Kooples

Immerse yourself in the rock universe of The Kooples, where rebel attitude meets elegance. The collection is made up of women's and men's clothing and accessories with a rock 'n' roll aesthetic. From leather jackets and jeans to patterned shirts and lace dresses, our pieces are both timeless and contemporary.

The Kooples accessories add a rock touch to your outfit, from bags and belts to shoes. 

Whether you're going for a casual look or want to make a bold statement, The Kooples has everything you need.

Explore our online collection today and discover why The Kooples is the ultimate reference for rock style. 

Discover our rock-style products:

Leather jackets & blousons: with different cuts

Women & men

Rock dresses: patterns, black, lace, rock details


Rock jumpers: patterns, nail details, leather

Women & men

Rock T-shirts: screen printing, leather details, studs

women & men

Rock shirts & blouses: floral, denim, leather details

women & men

Rock jeans & trousers: skinny or boyfriend

women & men

Leather belts: studded, various buckle sizes 

women & men

Leather shoes: ankle boots, santiags, sandals, boots, pumps

women & men

Leather goods rock detail: Emily, Heritage, Ming, Jill bags, purses

leather goods